EO Cues

Hello! My name is Eddie.

I make pool cues.

I record the process on YouTube.

Questions I get asked alot:

Do you sell pool cues?

I do

Do you have a website?

Not really. YouTube is my thing.

How much do your cues cost?

It depends. Starting around $1,800 would be a good fuzzy ballpark

What determines price?

Materials and time

I want a custom cue. How long is the wait?

A very long time

But I want a cue from you! Boo!

I make cues often just for the fun of it. Those I'll put up here/YouTube and they'll be first come first serve.

How did you learn how to make cues?

I'm self taught

I think you're doing certain steps wrong!

I'm self taught

How do your cues play?


"eo cues"? What's the "eo" mean?

They're my initials. They can also stand for Executive Order, Ethylene Oxide, or Endochondral Ossification if you're weird

Where do you live?

Austin TX

How do I get in contact with you?

You can reach me at [email protected]